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Santo was one of the best females that we have had at Phantom Kennels.  I knew that she was going to be a field trial dog when she was just 7 months old.  At that time, the great professional trainer, Richard Woolever, owned her.  Richard knew how much I liked Santo and allowed us to purchase her.  At that time, we also owned Okie’s Cheap Trix, Santo’s dam, another great producer.  

Santo was small, but had a huge heart with breathtaking style.  Weighing about 35 lbs, she could easily run an all-age race through the tough shinnery in western Oklahoma .  She was built perfectly with a beautiful even marked black head, deep chest, poker straight 12 o’clock tail, beautiful animation, straight legs, and tight feet.  She was a handful to run and I competed with her in both all-age and shooting dog events, leaning towards the former.  She was a heavy Fiddler bred dog, sired by NBHA Nat. Ch. Fiddlin Rocky Boy and Okie’s Cheap Trix.  Some of the notable Champions in Santo’s pedigree are Ch. Fiddler, Ch. Evolution, Ch. Pike Creek Mike, Ch. Fiddler’s Ace , Ch. Pork Roll , Ch. Strongman , Ch. Smart , Ch. Shalimar, and Ch. Bayou Teche Willie.  

She placed twice for me in several large All-age classics.  It is interesting to know that one of her best performances was at the Raymond Rucker All-Age Classic in western Oklahoma .  The day before the trial, I thought that I needed to take the edge off of Santo in order to get her to handle a little bit better the next day at the trial.  I ran her in the dense shinnery and actually lost her for while.  By the time I had gathered her up, she had been down more than an hour and a half. My plan was only to run her 30 minutes.  

The next day, she had to run an hour in the classic.  I turned her loose and she pointed a covey of wild birds before I got on my horse.  Her bracemate blew by her and knocked her birds and she stood there like a statue, perfect to wing and shot.  She went on a bird finding mission and had four more wild covey finds before the thirty minute mark, all with the same majestic style and manners.  I knew that she was not running a huge race, but she was too busy finding birds!  She had a decent last half and finished about a quarter of a mile to the front.  After much consternation, the judges decided to not use her at all and placed dogs with less finds and bigger races.  One of the judges told me that he would never own a dog as nice as her and really didn’t know if they did the right thing.  He said that if she had been running in a shooting dog stake that she would have won hands down.  They did the right thing, but I couldn’t have been more proud of her.  She pointed more birds during her hour than all of the dogs in all the other stakes, including the Colorado Open Shooting Dog Championship – 92 dogs in all!

Santo is the mother of the great Ch. Rock Acre Blackhawk and the grandmother of many champions today.  You will see her name in many winning dog’s pedigrees and now you know why.  We are fortunate to own one of her granddaughters, Phantom’s Miss Santo.  They look a lot a like and have many similar traits. 

Miss Santo’s mother, Rock Acre Santo is a littermate to Ch. Rock Acre Blackhawk.  It is hard to determine how many Champions and Runner-up Champions that are grandsons and granddaughters of Santo.  There are at least 12 champions sired by just two of her progeny that we know of right now!


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