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Champion Bred English Pointer Puppies For Sale
at all times

An example of an English Pointer puppy from Phantom Kennels!

Phantom English Pointer Pups

Watch this You Tube Video
"Compliments of Steve Davis"

Now taking reservations! 325-669-1114
Litter# Sire Dam Bred Born Comments Pictures
#1 Phantom's Speed Dialer Phantom's Firefly 01/29/24 03/30/24 Click Here Click Here
#2 RU CH Miller's King Poast Phantom's Rebel Heart 11/04/23 01/02/24 Click Here Click Here
#3 Phantom's Light Speed Phantom's Breakout 11/02/23 01/01/24 Click Here Click Here
#4 Phantom's Light Speed Phantom's Eyeliner 03/23/24 -- Click Here Click Here
#5 Phantom's Speed Dialer Phantom's Novella 11/10/23


Click Here Click Here
#6 RU CH Miller's King Poast Phantom's Speed Dial May 03/31/24 -- Click Here Click Here
#7 2X Nat'l CH Lester's Sunnyhill Jo Phantom's Speed
Dial Jane
12/30/23 02/27/24 Click Here Click Here
#8 CH Miller's Stray Bullet Phantom's Speed
Dial Doll
01/11/24   Click Here Click Here
#9 RU CH Miller's King Poast Phantom's Speed Dial Bess 04/07/24   Click Here Click Here

We will reserve a pup for you with a $250 non-refundable deposit.

This is done on a first come, first serve basis, depending
on when your payment is received. When you make the deposit, you must specify the litter and sex of the pup that you desire. In the event that not enough puppies/sex are born in a particular litter, you will have the option to transfer your deposit to another litter. For example: If there are 4 female puppies in the litter and you have the 3rd pick of the females in that litter, you will pick after the customers with picks # 1 and # 2 respectively. Because we have reserved your spot for you we have passed on customers ready to buy, we will not refund or transfer a deposit for any other reason other than the reason listed above. We will not reserve a puppy based on predetermined preferences based on color, size, or markings. We have no control over that! Pups are selected at 5 to 6 weeks of age.

Under no circumstances will your deposit be refunded!

We are in the process of upgrading our email. During this time we would like to make sure that we are able to to receive all of our customers messages so please send them to both addresses listed below:

phantom.kennels80@gmail.com and phantom@fielddog.com

or   Telephone:(325) 669-1114 – Dan’s cell

 Mailing address: 3458 E. Lake Rd. Abilene, TX 79601                           

We accept